Pallet Racking Shuttle System in Pakistan

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Technical Description: Â

1. The whole racking system need radio shuttle and forklifts to work together. The radio shuttle is controlled wirelessly by remote to complete storage of goods. Radio shuttle include:

Frame assembly-1Â Lift mechanism-2Â Electrical assembly-3 Battery assembly-4

Upper cover assembly-5Â Â Guide wheel assembly-6Â Slave wheel assembly-7 Â Â Drive mechanism-8

2. Pallets are loaded onto a shuttle at the front of the lane, which transports the pallet to the other end.

3. The in-built sensor on the shuttle detects the position of previous pallets and places the new load at a redetermined distance from them, before return to the beginning.

4. The shuttle movements are sent via the radio remote controller, allowing the forklift truck and driver to be released for other tasks while the shuttle operates. One shuttle can be shared by many lanes.

5. The shuttle is easily