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Civil Engineering & Electronics Diploma Course in Rawalpindi O3219606785, 

Civil Engineering DiplomaCourse in Rawalpindi O3219606785

After completing WesternEngineering’s Common First Year, you can enroll in the Civil Engineering program.UK, USA, Australian & Canadian Certification, Diploma’s and Qualificationare also available. In your third year of study, you will have the opportunityto choose one of the following options: Structural Engineering, EnvironmentalEngineering, or International Development with Structural or EnvironmentalEngineering. The current civil engineering curriculum is best visualized byreferring to the relevant flow sheet showing courses by semester and pre orco-requisites. The curricular plan can be viewed in the UB undergraduatecatalog. Four specialization tracks available to students are listed at thebottom of this page. Students drawn to civil engineering enjoy science andmath, and the opportunity to serve society by creating, maintaining, andrenewing the infrastructure on which we all rely. Civil engineers know how toevaluate risk and ensure the high reliability of their designs. (As creators ofskyscrapers, suspension bridges, and drinking water systems, failure is notacceptable.) civil engineering delivers the skills required to make soundbusiness decisions. Many civil engineering graduates go on to take leadershippositions in established companies, or start their own. IPATS, we areeducating some of the top engineers in the country, and teaching our studentshow to use their intellect to participate in the business arena. UK, USA,Australian & Canadian Certification, Diploma’s and Qualification are alsoavailable. Students in the undergraduate program have the opportunity tospecialize in one or more areas including civil infrastructure, transportationengineering, environmental fluid mechanics/hydrology/water resources, or theymay plan a more general civil engineering curriculum. Civil Engineering alsoallow the students an opportunity to obtain skills in Entrepreneurship eitherby taking a minor in Entrepreneurship or by gaining skills by taking fewrecommended optional subjects related to Entrepreneurship. Those who take theminor in Entrepreneurship will have to gain extra six credits by followingoptional or elective subjects recommended while gaining a total of 13 creditsneeded for the minor from the specified subjects.  Hence, a student optingfor a minor in Entrepreneurship will have to take a total of 156 credits toobtain in Civil Engineering along with a minor.

UK, USA, Australian & CanadianCertification, Diploma’s and Qualification are also available.

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