intensive Diploma in Computr DIT Diplomas

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Diploma in Computr DIT Diplomas


Course Curriculum

Following key topics are covered in this course;

Module 01. IntroductionInto Legal English

Module 02. BasicLegal Principles

Module 03. TheEnglish Legal System

Module 04. TheSources Of Law

Module 05. TheEnglish Courts

Module 06. ReadingComprehension

Module 07. LogicalReasoning

Module 08. FormalLogic

Module 09. LegalWriting

Module 10. EnglishContracts

Module 11. GrammarFor Law

Module 12. CourseIntroduction-English Legal System

Module 13. GeneralLegal Contract

Module 14. DevelopmentOf English Legal System

Module 15. ContractLaw

Module 16. Civil,Criminal And European Law

Module 17. LegalWriting – Part Ii

Module 18. LegalSkills

Module 19. HumanRights

Module 20. PoliceAnd State Powers

Module 21. DiaryManagement

Module 22. BusinessReports And Letter Writing

Module 23. E-MailsWriting Tips.

Module 24. HandlingConfidential Documents

Module 25. SuccessfulMeeting Minutes

Module 26. NoteTaking

Module 27. DocumentsProofreading

Module 28. DataManagement, Record Keeping And Filing

Module 29. AppointmentBooking And Arranging Interviews

Module 30. DeliveringPostal Mail

Module 31. Dictating

Module 32. CustomerService And Telephone Handling Skills

Module 33. OrganisingA Meeting

Module 34. EventPlanning

Module 35. ArrangeBusiness Travel & Accommodation

Module 36. TipsFor Speed Reading

Module 37. TimeManagement

Module 38. ConfidenceBuilding

Module 39. MotivatingEmployees

Module 40. Bookkeeping

Module 41. SocialMedia For Personal & Professional Development

Learning outcomes:

Duringthe course of study, you will be able to learn about:

  • Writing Legal English and grammar, proofreading, preparing meeting minutes and more.
  • Basic Legal Principles.
  • Basic legal principles applicable to the role of Legal Secretary.
  • Extensive knowledge of the English courts.
  • Legal document production.
  • How to manage data, keep records and file to a high standard.
  • How to book appointments and arrange interviews.
  • How to provide excellent customer service to all stakeholders of the legal firm.
  • Understanding of human rights and police and state powers.

Career path

This course is applicable to those working orintending to work in the legal industry, particularly as a Legal Secretary.There are a number of career options available to those intending to work inthe above-mentioned area. Following are some of the career opportunitiesavailable:

  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Executive
  • Senior Secretary
  • PA

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