Snorkeling Charna Island,

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Snorkeling is another kind of swimming method. In this, a person just floats on the surface of the water while keeping his head under the water. In this type of swimming, no equipment is needed as used in scuba diving. Churna Island is used by the swimmers to learn snorkeling. Usually, a snorkel and swim fins are required for snorkeling and through this, a person can witness scenes happening underwater from just being floating in the surface of the water. Though there is no need for gas cylinder, snorkeling can be done for a long time as far as scuba diving is concerned.

Scuba diving means deep water diving to experience the inner beauty of the sea. Scuba Club swimmers do practice the method of snorkeling while surfacing. Various games are played as well underwater applying snorkeling method like rugby and football plus water diving. Snorkeling Gear that is needed for practicing snorkeling is a backpack containing a bottle of water, suitable joggers, snorkeling kit, shirts, swim fins, and sunglasses. We, Drivers Club have the best scuba diving Karachi deals for you. Our Charna island diving packages are very reasonable also

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