HACCP Food Safety Course in Islamabad

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HACCP Food Safety Course in Islamabad O3165643400, O3363333792, 

HACCP FoodSafety Course in Islamabad O3165643400, O3363333792

This course is a general HACCPTraining designed for individuals working in the food industry who want to earna HACCP Certification. This online HACCP training program teachesparticipants how to implement and manage the Hazard Analysis and Critical ControlPoints (HACCP) system, which was designed by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) as a food safety management system for controlling food hazards.This course is recognized by the International HACCP Alliance. Upon completionof the course, with an overall final grade of 80% or greater, you will earna certificate of completion from theInternational HACCP Alliance. This HACCP Certificate will berecognized domestically and internationally by food safety inspectors andauditors. The course is available on demand, completely self-paced, and 100%online. This means you can work at your own rate to complete the course. Youcan stop at any time then come back later and pick up right where you left off.The course has approximately 20 hours of material to complete. Though, mostpeople complete the course over a couple of days or weeks. Food establishmentsneed to have a food safety system that ensures the safety, cleanliness andquality of the food being served. This food safety system is called the HACCPor the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. This system has sevenprinciples that aim to train food handlers and food service employees toachieve a safe, efficient and effective service. The 16–hour training course is100% online and meets the regulatory requirement of compliance of the 2005 FDACode and the USDA requirements for school district HACCP Plan Implementation. HACCPstands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a time–testedfood–safety strategy that establishes a system of procedures to safeguard foodfrom microbial and toxic contamination. In other words, HACCP food safetyensures the cleanliness, safety, and quality of food handled and served inrestaurants and other food establishments.

The course isdivided into 15 sections:

1.       TheHistory of HACCP

2.       BasicComponents of HACCP

3.       Pre-RequisitePrograms

4.       SanitationStandard Operating Procedures

5.       PreliminaryTasks

6.       FoodSafety Hazards

7.       HACCPPrinciple #1: Hazard Analysis, Hazards

8.       HACCPPrinciple #2: Determine Critical Control Points

9.       HACCPPrinciple #3: Establish Critical Limits

10.   HACCPPrinciple #4: Establish Monitoring Procedures

11.   HACCPPrinciple #5: Establish Corrective Actions

12.   HACCPPrinciple #6: Establish Verification Procedures

13.   HACCPPrinciple #7: Establish Record-Keeping Procedures

14.   Enforcementof HACCP

15.   FinalExam