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MOFA Advance First Aid Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan 03035530865.

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The curriculum includes basic electrical theory, system design, installation methods, safety and maintenance.This Solar Power Systems training course is open to anyone interested in becoming a professional within the solar industry. These comprehensive workshops are recommended for persons currently working or interested in working in the solar industry, or anyone who would like to know how solar energy works.Energy is at the foundation of everything we do, and solar energy has the potential to provide value to many sectors of society. Individuals in other fields of work such as Agriculture, Business Management, Craftsmanship, Engineering, Manufacturing, Tourism, Sales, Marketing, Law, Finance and Insurance can greatly benefit from this course.The growing solar power industry and every country\\\'s amending laws in regard to transition to renewable energy, climate change and carbon reduction has much potential to provide many business opportunities and job creation.Pakistan is facing a serious energy crisis. No concrete and structured steps are taken to address this issue, which is paralysing the life of an average citizen in generalgeneral, and the industry and commerce in particular. Recognising that the energy problem may not be resolved any time soon, the Government of Punjab is addressing this problem by distributing 90,000 solar panels in rural areas. However, the relevant skills for installing and maintaining even simple solar technology are not available.Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, open for admission and queries call 

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