MOFA Attested Food Processing & Preservation Technology Diploma for Qatar

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MOFA Attested Food Processing & Preservation Technology Diploma for Qatar O3315999937, 

MOFA Attested FoodProcessing & Preservation Technology Diploma for Qatar O3315999937,O3215056755

The course will giveparticipants an introduction to the food industry in Canada. It coversprinciples of food science, food composition, processing methods, preservationmethods, food regulations and food safety in Pakistan. This course has anadvanced food processing component and overviews the various conventional andemerging non thermal food processing methods available to maximize thenutrition levels in the making of foods that are safe, high quality and withmaximum shelf life and convenience. The course explores various advancedmethods of food processing technology available in Pakistan. The course willgive students an understanding of the advanced principles of food processingand how to choose a method of preservation in relation to food composition.Occupational health and safety, food safety and food quality aspects of foodand beverage processing are an integral component of all coursework. The OASISInstitute of this subject is to provide students with an understanding of thescience and technology associated with the processing of materials of plant andanimal origin into food and food products and their preservation by traditionaland modern techniques. An integrated presentation embodying chemical,microbiological, nutritional and engineering aspects will be adopted.

The content includes:

·        Basic unit and factory operations

·        Preservation and processing by: moisturecontrol, application of heat, removal of heat, chemical additives, fermentationand emerging technologies

·        Food packaging

·        Science and technology of production of selectedfood products from plant and animal sources

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