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German Cockroaches Infestation can be solved by New Imported Formula Gel / Cadbury Chocolate Pasting in all over the Kitchen Cabinets, Fixed Wardrobes in Bathrooms, Wooden Biddings of Doors, etc. 

Friends Fumigation Services prepared new Gel Formula with Imported Insecticide ingredients with Cadbury Chocolate. 

Importance of Gel Treatment: 

Customers, don\\\'t need to leave their homes, neither they stopped their housekeeping activities during (Before or After) applying of Gel pasting. It has no Smell, non-hazardous for Environment, we can apply this while you are Sleeping, Cooking, Dining, Playing or Enjoying in your Home. 

Cadbury Gel Pasting, is effected for Cockroaches (Big & Small) only. This Pasting Bait for Cockroaches can kill 100 of Cockroaches on daily basis. You don\\\'t need to kill them by anything, Gel Pasting is an attractive Bait Specially for German Cockroaches, whoever bite the Paste, it may kill the Cockroach in couple of hours as well as the effected  Cockroach will make other Cockroaches ill by intimating with them before and after of its death. 

So the entire Colony of Cockroaches will be terminated in 2 to 4 Weeks (Sometimes less than 4 weeks and sometime more than 4 weeks) Depends on infestation. Extreme infestation may takes more than a month, but its results comes out from 10 to 15 days only. 

Hurry Up! Don\\\'t get late .... get rid from German Cockroaches with this easy Formula. 

Call us for any further questions and Service Charges. 

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