HSE Rigger Safety Course for Oman

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HSE Rigger Safety Course for Oman O3315999937, 

HSE RiggerSafety Course for Oman O3315999937, O3215056755

This rigging training courseis designed for personnel who rig loads for lifting by cranes and for theirsupervisors. Floor crane operators and others working with overhead craneswill benefit from this comprehensive and safety focused Rigging Fundamentalscourse. Our instructor will be able answer your questions and cover importantcourse material and concepts. In addition to a course workbook participantswill also receive a 4” x 5” pocket handbook which highlights good and badrigging practices, sling capacities and how to calculate unknown loads. TheseRigging Training courses are designed for workers using mechanical systems tohoist loads on various structures for work purposes. There\\\'s no room for errorwhen it comes to rigging in industrial settings. To prevent accidents andinjuries on the job, riggers must comply with standard procedures, understandproper rigging techniques, and operate rigging equipment accordingly. The to-dolist can be overwhelming, but you don\\\'t have to worry... 360training.com offersa web-based rigging training curriculum that is designed. AdvancedRigging I Did you miss anything new about crane operationslately? The first installment of this two-part course on advanced rigging canboost your understanding of industrial cranes and heavy lifting! Learn moreabout how to inspect and operate bridge and broom cranes with this 30-minutecourse. Basic RiggingI Is it time to brush up on your rigging expertise? Thisconcise learning program from 360training.com can refresh your knowledge ofbasic rigging equipment and procedures! Expect practical discussions aboutblock and tackle, slings, turnbuckles, and more. The Competent Rigger course isoffered in our indoor tower training facility, and allows students to learn ina controlled environment under close supervision and tutelage of our skilledinstructors. Students successfully completing this course will be recognized asa Competent Rigger Trainer in accordance.

Course outline

  • Rigging Equipment
    • Rigging Standards
    • Risk Management
    • The Basic Rigging Plan
    • Rigging Terminology
    • Good & Bad Rigging Practices

·        Slings & Inspections Criteria

    • Wire Rope Slings
    • Chain Slings
    • Nylon Web Slings
    • Metal Mesh Slings
    • Endless Slings
    • Eyebolts
    • Shackles
    • Hooks

·        Rigging Fundamentals

    • Safe Rigging Practices
    • Effects of Sling Angles
    • Calculating Load Weight
    • Rigging Calculations & Exercises
    • Center of Gravity
    • Turning Loads