car and Diesel Technology Diploma

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Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS)

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What is an Auto and Diesel Technology Diploma?

An auto and diesel technology diploma program will imbue you with the skills and experience you need to be a successful auto mechanic. Hands-on experience is essential as you learn about different auto technologies like hydraulics, electrical systems, welding, air intake, brake repair, and engine building. A typical diploma program for auto and diesel technology will include the following courses:

Engine Fundamentals


Electrical Systems

Heating and Air Conditioning

Engine Rebuild

Diesel Electrical Systems

Computer Literacy


Course Contents: 

1- Explain all kind of sensors and their works? 1)Mass Airflow Sensor, 2)Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor,

3)Air Vortex Sensor, 4)Fuel System Sensor, 5)Temperature Sensor, 6)Throttle Position Sensor,7)Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor,  8)Crank Angle Sensor, 9)Hall Effect Voltage Sensor

2-Identification of different types of vehicle Knowledge about automobile industry Identification of Vehicle Identification Number, Chassis No. & Engine no, Basic automotive terms and familiarization to various types of vehicles

3-Identification of different types of engine components. Career path for the trainee in the Dealership Replace- air cleaner, oil filter & fuel filter Understanding working of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines Apply Grease to parts / through greasing points (if necessary) Types of fuel used in vehicles, spark ignition and compression ignition engines Check power plug and inspect cables Understanding of technical terms and definitions Wheel base and track, compression ratio, Stoichiometric ratio Clean, Check and Adjust spark plug Understanding of various components viz. Battery, Spark plug, Air Filter, Fuel filter, Oil filter, Injector, Body parts, etc Ignition Timing checking on Petrol vehicle with timing light & Ignition timing adjustment Knowledge of vehicle assembly.

4- Vehicle Service Process Vehicle Service Process (Personal & Vehicle Safety procedure PDI & Periodic Maintenance Schedule of various MSIL models , Personal & Vehicle Safety procedure followed in shop floor Air Filter - Working, PDI & Periodic Maintenance Schedule of various MSIL models Fuel Filter - Working, Air Filter - Cleaning process, Replacement Period & Process, Engine Lubrication System, Fuel Filter

5- Fuel-supply system components Air intake system components Electronic control components list of cars are compactable to EFI scan (engine code with model-chassis numbers Fuel System Fundamentals : Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, Fuel Injection and Carburetion, Idle Speed Control, Fuel Pump Control Module, Computer-Controlled Fuel Systems, Feedback Fuel Systems, How does the Oxygen Sensor Work? Zirconia Sensors and Titania Sensors. The Electronic Control Module(ECM)