Welcome to the ASAN Classifieds (asan.com.pk) website. Note that your privacy is of major concern to us and we work very hard to protect your personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy to get fully informed.

This website deals with collection, usage and disclosure of user or company information and the Privacy Policy will explain how this is done and our methods and approach to how we secure your information.

We only collect data and information which is necessary and relevant to our line of operations and relations with users. This information is kept for as long as the law requires or the information remaining relevant.

Collected Data/Information

We collect information which includes but not limited to user name, company name, email address, postal address, telephone number, mobile number, location and financial details. This information helps us manage and moderate user accounts, identify visitors, improve user experience on our website, communicate with users and sort processed transactions. The information also helps us build statistical data for analytical purposes to help us enhance our services.

Third Parties

We may pass some user information to some third party services for some payment and account login options at the user’s consent. We may also transfer information to third parties for maintenance and developmental works on our site and also among our subsidiary companies. Should we sell our company or part, we may be mandated by law to transfer user data to the third party buyer. Under no circumstances will asan.com.pk be held accountable for the privacy practice of these third parties. We ma disclose user information in response to right violations and legal claims.


Accepting cookies is not mandatory on our website. Cookies are basically tiny text files which register user’s view port (computer/phone) to our server and get stored on the user’s view port. Cookies actually enable us to remember user’s preferences to enable us provide optimized services for a particular user. In a nut shell, they help make user’s subsequent visits to our website more convenient. Cookies running on our website are free from viruses and any other malicious software. This website uses Google Analytics service which is provided by Google Inc. this service also runs on cookies to help us identify and evaluate the use of our website. Users may choose not to use cookies on our website. Users should however not that they consent the processing of data regarding themselves by Google once they use this website.


We have put in a lot of work to ensure the safeguard of our client information.